2008 Waggener Family Reunion Photos

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2008 Reunion Photo CD

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 Eleanor Waggener.  Paul Waggener.  Pat and Dick Watts.  Eleanor and Dick Waggener.  Carolyn Albright, Hazel Waggener, and Mary Alice Bergstrom.  Mike Butler.  Dorothy Coleman.  Tommie Lou and Joe Waggener.  Floss and alf Waggener.  Jim Tice.  Malcolm Puckett and daughter, Carolyn Cook.  Laura and Robert Curtis.  Glen Butler.  Thelma and James Green.  Bill Butler and daughter, Paula Jones.  Glenda Minton and grandson, Treven.  Minnie and Seldon Parham.  Mary Sue Hooper.  Judy and Joe Butler and children, Didi and David.  Dorothy Shelley.  Right to left, Gerald and Wanda Parham with son, Aaron, and wife, Jennifer, with grandson, Connor.  Carl and Rebecca Hooper with daughters, Camille and Kristen.  Charles Musick.  Mary Musick Byrum and Becky Musick Childs.  Becky Burdette Coleman.  Geneva and Billy Vaughn and Jerry Lynn Vaughn.  Becky Burdette Coleman and Jim Tice.  Alf Waggener.  Pat Watts.  Alf Waggener.  Bill Butler.  Dick Waggener.
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