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chimayo priest.jpg

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Title: Chimayo Priest
Date: 1998
Description: Local priest of the Chimayo Catholic Church in the small village of Chimayo, New Mexico


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Title: Trees in Spring
Date: 2001
Description: Quiet neighborhood with in spring

airplane mechanic.jpg

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Title: Airplane Mechanic
Date: 2000
Description: An airplanle mechanic working out of the local airport in Borger, Texas

storm coming.jpg

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Title: Storm Coming
Date: 2002
Description: Kalee Michelle Speed looking at an approaching spring storm


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Title: The Pantry
Date: 1988
Description: Red Gate Farm located located near Foster, Rhode Island


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Title: Barry
Date: 2000
Description: A picture of the photographer's brother

illustrated lady.jpg

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Title: Illustrated Lady
Date: 2001
Description: A candid photo taken in an old fashioned soda shop

fleas navidad.jpg

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Title: Fleas Navidad
Date: Christmas 2000
Description: A little holiday cheer captured through the photographer's dog, Cookie.

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