Photography has been my passion for many years. I have always believed that every picture speaks a special message, much as any art form does for the viewer. I particularly love the possibilities of black and white photography.



Most of what I have displayed here on my web site is black and white photography and portrays many everyday events and personalities from around the Texas panhandle and New Mexico. Some of this work has been done as my personal creative effort and some as examples of my professional assignments. I hope you enjoy viewing both galleries, as I continue to add to these collections.


I have had the pleasure of training with a number of outstanding national  photographers. This training was sponsored through Santa Fe Workshops with Craig Stevens of Georgia; Doug Merriman of Santa Fe; Bill Kennedy of Austin, Texas; Paul Elledge of Chicago, Illinois and Harvey Stein of New York. All of these professional photographers are outstanding in their respective fields.



If you would like to consider my photographic services at any event or personal setting, please feel free to contact me through my email address or at my studio below.


Cynthia Speed


Amarillo, TX

Telephone: 806-359-9177

Cell: 806-674-6106