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Family Photos for Turner - Speed - Tracy - Ferguson Families and Related Lines

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 Willie Lee Tracy Morton (b. 1914) was the daughter of Sanford Perry Tracy (1887-1960) and Dorotha Ann Harrelson (1889-1950). Willie Lee was the author of  Lester Henry Turner (1920-2004), son of Perry Woodson Turner and Bulah Speed Turner. Photo taken at Goodwill College.  From left to right, Kitty Speed (daughter - 1912-1987), Charlie Speed (father - 1885-1970), and Edith Speed (daughter - 1910-1975).  James Woodson Turner (1863-1949) and wife, Mary Jane Carroll Turner (1870-1940).  James Woodson Turner at his Salt Fork home.  Bobbie Clifton Ingram (b. 1921) was the son of Clfton Ingram (1896-1975) and Esther Speed Ingram (1899-1991).  From left to right, Clifton Ingram (father), Ester Speed Ingram (mother), believed to be Joanne Ingram (daughter), and Billie Ingram (son). On a picnic in the mountains.  Turner brothers, Lester Henry Turner, Wesley Woodson Turner, Charles Edward Turner, and James Dale Turner. Not sure of order or who the boy in white (top row) is.  From left to right, Clifton Ingram, Esther Speed Ingram (wife), Ed Speed (Esther's brother), unknown lady, Bertie Hardin Speed (Ed's wife), Nole Simmons, Ella Hardin Simmons (Bertie Hardin's sister and wife of Nole), and others unknown.  Pyote, Ward County, Texas is located about 26 miles east of Pecos, Texas and 66 miles north of Fort Stockton, Texas. In 1925 the population was a mere 100 persons but when oil was discovered in 1928 it jumped almost overnight to 3,500. By 1931 it dropped back to 1,097. In 2000, the population was 131. Established for bombardment crew training in 1942, an Army Airfield began life under the name Pyote Army Air Field, being just a mile from the town of Pyote and constructed on 2,700 acres of land belonging to the University of Texas. After the war, control of the base was transferred from the Second Air Force to the San Antonio Air Tech Service Command and became an aircraft-storage depot (graveyard). Lester Henry Turner (1920-2004) was stationed here during World War II.

 From left to right, Perry Woodson Turner (father), Bulah Speed Turner (mother) holding Charles Edward Turner, Lester Henry Turner (in front of his father), and Wesley Woodson Turner (in front of his mother).  Perry Woodson Turner  holding his sons, Lester Henry Turner and Wesley Woodson Turner.  Texas Panhandle home of Perry Woodson Turner and Bulah Speed Turner.  From left to right, Mary Jane Carrol Turner (grandmother) holding Lester Henry Turner, and husband, James Woodson Turner (grandfather) holding Wesley Woodson Turner.  Charlie Speed (male sitting on left side of steps) and Lucy Abbott Speed older woman sitting in center of steps). Charlie Speed is the oldest son of Lucy Abbott Speed.      From left to right, Lester Henry Turner (son), Bulah Speed Turner (mother) holding Charles Edward Turner (son), and Wesley Woodson Turner (son) at Chenault Ranch house.  From left to right, Wesley Turner, Lester Turner (on top), and Charles Edward Turner (on car runner).      James Lee Tracy with dog, Coyote. Jim was the son of James Leonard Tracy (1867-1937) and Leona Lee Turner (1866-1955) and the brother of Sanford (Sant) Perry Tracy.  From left to right, Vera Rama Speed (daughter), Charles Homer Speed (father), Virginia Alice Speed (yougest daughter in center), Clara Vickers Speed (mother), and Ruby Lee Speed (daughter). Charles Homer Speed was the son of Robert Stewart Speed (brother to Henry Lewis Speed).    From left to right, Lucy Abbott Speed (top left), Bulah Speed Turner (Lucy's daughter in plaid dress), and Bertie Hardin Speed (wife of Bulah's brother, Ed Speed).  From left to right, Lucy Abbott Speed (top left) and Tracys. Specific names are unknown.
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