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Family Photos for Turner - Speed - Tracy - Ferguson Families and Related Lines

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 From left to right are Edward Lewis Speed, Henry Lewis Speed (father), Charles Griffin Speed, Mable Florence Speed, Lucinda (Lucy) Florence Abbott-Speed (mother), and Mary Bulah Speed. This photo was taken in Seymour, TX around 1898 before the Speed family moved to Oklahoma and homesteaded in Washita County.  From left to right are Edward Lewis Speed, Esther Catherine Speed (on horse), Henry Lewis Speed (father), Mary Bulah Speed (on white horse), Mable Florence Speed, Lucinda (Lucy) Florence Speed (mother). This photo was taken around 1912 in Clarendon, TX.  From left to right are Charles Griffin Speed, Edward Lewis Speed, Henry Lewis Speed (father), Granny Mac (Catherine Wallace-McFarland, Lucy's mother), Lucy Florence Abbott-Speed (mother), Esther Catherine Speed, Mable Florence Speed, and Mary Bulah Speed. This photo was taken around 1904 at their homestead in Washita County, Oklahoma, near Cordell.  Oldest known picture of Speed brothers of Weakley County, TN. From left to right, is Charles Richard Speed (1855-1889), Henry Lewis Speed (1852-1917), Robert Stuart Speed (1851-1894), George William Speed (1847-1879.) Picture taken on the porch of the old Speed home in Weakley County, TN around 1872.
 The Sylvestor Mosaly Family, Circa 1904. From left to right are  Charles Mosaly (son), Sylvestor Mosaly, (father), Earl Mosaly (son), and Mary Elizabeth Caroline Speed (mother). Mary Elizabeth Caroline Speed was the sister of Henry Lewis Speed. 
 This was taken just north of Clarendon, TX around 1908-10. It was one of the alfalfa field harvests that the Speed famly helped with the harvest and bailing. From left to right are Edward Lewis Speed (standing in wagon), Henry Lewis Speed (seated in driver seat of wagon), Speed sisters sitting in the buggy, and Charles Griffin Speed with the pitch fork feeding the bailer.  From left to right are Mary Bulah Speed-Turner (mother), Lester Henry Turner (son standing), Charles Edward Turner (youngest), Perry Woodson Turner (father), and Wesley Woodson Turner. Photo taken in Texas Panhandle around 1928.  This is a picture of Martha Ann Cowel (1819-1872), daughter of Samuel Cowel and Ann Elizabeth Cook. Martha was the wife of Charles Stewart Speed and the mother of Henry Lewis Speed. Her brother, William Henry Cowel, was the father of Lena Cowel who married Rueben Clay Burdette. This picture of Martha was believed to have been taken in Weakley County, TN circa 1870.
 From top left to right are Perry Woodson Turner, Mary Bulah Speed-Turner, Charles Edward Turner (baby), (bottom) Wesley Woodson Turner, and Lester Henry Turner. It is believed that this photo was taken on a ranch in Cimmarron County, Oklahoma (north of Dalhart, TX).   Notice of Turner homesteaded family farm auction in Washita County, Oklahoma in 1906.  Mary Susan Amanda Younger (1839-1928) holding photo of husband, James Sanford Turner (1822-1892).  Death certificate for Mable Speed-Colvin. Mable was the sister of Bulah Speed-Turner.  From left to right are James Woodson Turner, Mary Carroll Turner, Mary Bell Turner, and Hugh Turner (boy).  From left to right is Mary Susan Younger-Turner (1839-1928), Perry Woodson Turner (1893-1972), James Woodson Turner (1863-1949), Lester Henry Turner (Perry's son - seated on lap, 1920-2004).  From left to right are Susan Lorine Turner, Lenora Catherine Turner, James Woodson Turner (father),  Mary Bell Turner, Bee Carroll Turner, Perry Woodson Turner, Dee Carroll Turner, Mary Jane Carroll-Turner (mother), Hugh Sanford Turner, and James Henry Turner.  Perry Woodson Turner in uniform during World War I. Includes Perry's military insignias.  1870 US Census of Dallas County, TX. See the magnified portion of this census which shows the family members of Catherine (Wallace) Drake during that time period.  Circled in red are the names of  Lucy Catherine Wallace (mother of Lucy Florence Abbott) 1834-1918).  From left to right are Sarah (wife), Lewis (baby boy), and Benjamin (Benny) McFarland. Benny was the only son from the last marriage of Lucy Catherine Wallace to Mr. McFarland.  Photo of Ada Jane Waggener 1860-1878 (first wife of Henry Lewis Speed) and Henry Lewis Speed 1852-1917. Lewis and Ada were married in Weakley County, TN where they were third cousins and grew up. Ada died during the birth of their first child. Neither mother or child survived and were buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Weakley County, TN. Lewis later moved to Denton County, TX with his brothers and sister around 1880.  From left to right are Mary Bulah Speed, Mable Florence Speed, and Esther Catherine Speed. This photo was taken around 1908 in Clarendon, TX.  This picture is the old Cordell, Oklahoma homestead of Henry Andrew Lewis Speed (1852-1917) and his wife Lucy Florence Abbott (1864-1923). From left to right are unknown young male, to his left is Edward Lewis Speed, unknown young female, Mable Speed (both in carriage), Charles Griffin Speed (with hands folded), Henry Lewis Speed (standing next to horse), Lucy Florence Abbott Speed (holding the open bible), unknown female friend, and in the foreground, Bulah Speed (standing and holding the doll) and Esther Speed (seated).  From left to right are Lester Turner, Peggy Turner (Lester's wife) kneeling in front, Keith's friend, Margaret, Keith Turner (Wesley Turner's son), Charles Turner (Wesley Turner's son), Claudia Turner (Charles' wife), Lanora Lewis Turner (Wesley Turner's widow) seated holding the dog. Remaining three unknown.  Claudia and Charles Turner at Wesley Woodson Turner's funeral in 2001.  Keith Turner and friend, Margaret, at Wesley Woodson Turner's funeral in 2001.  Wesley Woodson Turner's Funeral at Corona, California in 2001.  This is a 1919 telegram from Perry Turner to his then girlfriend, Bulah Speed.  Alta Harrelson. Believed to be a sister to Dorotha Ann Harrelson, wife of  Sanford Perry Tracy.  From left to right,  Turner Twins, Bee Carroll Turner (1900-1974) and Dee Carroll Turner (1900-1969).  Benjamin (Benny) Sparks McFarlin (b. 1873), wife, Sarah and son, Lewis. Benny was the son of Lucy Catherine Wallace McFarlin (Granny Mac) and John McFarlin.
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