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Albert and Edith Sandretto and Paul Girotti Anna Merlo, Cloa Girotti, Stella Evans, and Edith Girotti Ben Mattivi, Louis Merlo, and Jim Sandretto-front; Sue Girotti, Evelyn Mattivi, Dorothea (Toots) Lopshire, James Mattivi, and Flossie Merlo Brothers, Joe and John Girotti Cloa and Paul  Girotti (child), John and Joe Girotti (top), Stella Evans Girotti (below Joe), Kathryn  and Ann Merlo, and Marguerite Girotti Cloa, Anna, Stella, and Katherine Dick Brocaille Kelly, Fred (Dick's son - child), Joe Girotti, and Marguerite Girotti Kelly 1964 Edith and Marguerite Girotti Edith and Marguerite Girotti2 Edith Girotti and dog Edith Girotti, Joe Merlo, Marguerite Girotti, and Kathryn Merlo Edith Girotti Edith Sandretto Edith Sandretto2 Edith Sandretto3 Evans - Girotti families Front-Marguerite Girotti (girl), Paul Girotti (boy) Cloa Girotti (bottom-right), John and Joe Girotti (Middle and right-top) Girotti-Mattivi-Sandretto Families (Left-front) Ben Mattivi, Joe and John Girotti, Albert Sandretto, Edith Girotti, James Mattivi. (back-right to left) Maggie Girotti-Sandretto, Edith and Irene Sandretto, Dorothea (Toots) Lopshire, and Cloa Girotti (center-back) Grandpa Henry and Grandma Cornelia Jane  Evans (Stella's parents) Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Evans Homeplace of Marguerite Girotti_Novinger, MO Irene and Maggie Girotti Sandretto Irene Sandretto James, Jerry, Edward, and wife, Kathryn Ruddy Mattivi Jim, John, Joe and Maggie Girotti at Novinger Homeplace  Jim, Maggie, and John Girotti Joe and Jim Girotti Joe Girotti and grandson, Dick Brocaille (Kelly) Dick Brocaille was adopted by Marguerite's second husband, John Kelly. Dick then used the last name Kelly although he was born Brocaille. Joe Girotti Joe, Edith, Maggie, and John Girotti John and Joe Girotti John, Edith, Maggie, and Joe Girotti
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