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The following is a general list of sources that will be useful to those researching Speed Family History.

1. Baddeley, J. J. Guide to the Church of St. Giles, without Cripplegate, in the City of London; An Account of the Church and Parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate. London: J. E. Woodley, 1893.

2. Davies, Rev. J. Sylvester. A History of Southampton. Southampton, England: Gilbert and Co., 1883.

3. Davies, Robert W., ed. and comp. The Saga of Joseph H. Speed and Virginia M. Lockett: Love Letters from the 19th Century. Lutherville, MD: By the Editor, 310 Felton Rd, 1998. Book is the library in Oxford, NC.

4. Howard, J. J. and W. B. Bannerman. Pedigree of Speed Southampton. Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldia. 3rd ser., vol2.

5. Speed, Carl O. A History of the Speed Family of Mississippi-The Chatawa Speeds. Personal Printing 2002. Carl Speed, 16 Whitmar Drive, Hammond, La., 70401. E-mail: Carlspeed1@aol.com

This book by Carl Speed is a story outlining the history of a branch of the Speed family in America. The story begins in London, England, circa 1600 and traces their migration to the Virginia colony, down through the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama and finally settling in Mississippi.

Different members of the family, led by Captain James Speed, splintered off to North Carolina, eventually settling in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. It was here that a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln baecame a family friend of the Kentucky Speeds.

The story explains why and how the Speeds of Mississippi left their homes in Oconee County, South Carolina and eventually settled in Covington County, Mississippi. The book centers in on one James Monroe Speed (1818 - 1896) and visits his decendants in Covington County, Mississippi and Pike County, Mississippi. Here, in Pike County, the focus is onthe Meshack Lafayette Speed (1863 - 1907) and one of his sons, Luther Monroe Speed (1890 - 1949) who, along with his wife, reared sixteen children on a small farm.

Here, the story explains the growing up of a family of sixteen children in rural Mississippi from 1917 - 1955. Follow their adventures, going to school, church and family gatherings. Feel the laughter and join in the frivolities as a group of devil-may-care boys and girls grow up playing, teasing, fighting, playing games, courting, swimming, hunting, and sharing their love for one another. See how they learned to be self-sufficient by tending their assigned chores on the farm. Experience the values they learned through cooperation, teamwork and sharing. See how tolerance and love developed because of the many individual differences among the siblings.

Copies of The Speeds of Mississippi may be obtained by:

1) Order by e-mail at carlspeed1@aol.com
2) Order by mail at Carl Speed, 16 Whitmar Drive, Hammond, La., 70401
3) Shelf at Channell Drug Store, 1812 W. Thomas Street, Hammond, La., 70401
4) Phone order to: Carl Speed @ (985) 542 - 9922
Price $30

6. Speed, Charles S. Call of a Distant Drum. Arlington, VA. Personal printing; 2000 S. Eads St., 1986. Book is in the Libraries in Louisville, KY and Dallas, TX.

7. Speed, Thomas. Records and Memorials of the Speed Family. Louisville, KY: Courier-Journal Job Printing Co., 1892. Photocopy of this book is available through Higginson Book Co., P.O. Box 778, Salem MA 01970; tele: 978-745-7170; web site: http://www.higginsonbooks.com or at Quintin's Family History Centre at http://www.quintinpublications.com

8. Speed, Thomas Henry. The Speed Family of Virginia and North Carolina. Oxford, NC. copyright 2002 by James D. Speed. Printed by School of Graphic Arts-Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, NC.

To Order send $25 (softcover) or $45 (hardcover) to Kathy Webb, P.O. Box 600, Oxford, NC 27565 or tele: 919-693-5529.

9. Our Native Heath - Richmond County North Carolina 1779-1899 by Myrtle Bridges.

This research book became available in November 1997 and in November 1998 and was awarded a prestigious "Willie Parker Peace History Book Award " by The North Carolina Society of Historians. Perhaps you will find your ancestor in the index.

If your research is generally in the southeastern area of North Carolina, you may want to check it out. Other related North Carolina books compiled by Myrtle Bridges along with information on how to order them can be found on her web site at Myrtle's Genealogy Page.

10. Stewart, James. The Settlements of Western Perthshire-Land and Society North of the Highland Line (1480-1851.) The Pentland Press Ltd. Edinburgh, 1990.

This book is an excellent resource for anyone researching or studying the western corner of the Highlands in Perthshire, Scotland. The book is the result of ten years of research by the author of the areas of Loch Lubnaig, Strathyre, Balquhidder, Loch Voil, and the western end of Loch Earn. Although it is not a genealogy resource as such, it does provide numerous records of families that lived and worked in the area back into medieval times. It has helped me immensely in my research of my Stewarts of Ledcreich and Balquhidder. Since Pentland Press, Ltd. went out of business, the remaining copies of the book are in the author's possession. It may be ordered by e-mailing James Stewart at seamusstewart@waitrose.com or writing to him at the following address:

'Bron Heli' 1 Bryn Eithin,
LL47 6YF