The Account of Mrs. Stewart of Milton given to John McGregor 5 OCT 1907

Describing the families and relations of the Stewarts residing in Glen Finglas. The original documents following this transcription were acquired and scanned by Anne Danielson and transcribed here by Ryk Brown.

Mary Buchanan d. of John B~~~ (of) Strathgartney m.  John Stewart, Glenfinlas.

Robert S., b. 11 NOV 1747 was a son.  He married Janet McKinlay.

Duncan ~~~, d. 18 JUL 1853 was also a son.  He m. Mary McKinlay & had a son Robert in Invertrossachs, Mrs. S. Milton’s father.

Above Robert was father of

John S. (in) Auchnahard afterwards in Milton.  He m. Mary McDonald & had 4 sons

1.       Alex. D. at Glasgow University studying for ministry

2.      Robert in Bochastle has 2 sons in Glasgow

3.      John in Milton

4.      Duncan living in Callander

There were two families of Stewarts in Duart Glen finlas at the same time, but they were not of the same family or branch.  The other Stuarts had relatives in America – one Charles came home & lived there with his uncles for some time.

Duncan Stewart my only brother lived there for sometime with his uncle Alex.   Duncan left & went to live about Dunblane.

James another uncle of mine left there & went to England, and was factor on properties in Lancashire.  His daughter married the Hon. Viscount Peel, Lord Ashton.

Of the Grodich Stewarts who left Grodich and came to Auchnahard, there were three of the name of John in succession – grandfather, father and son.  That family eventually went to Aberdeen and became wine merchants there.

Alexander Stewart in Auchnahard had at least three sons:

1.       James who married Cath. Stewart from Edinburgh – he was in the Braes of Balquhidder

2.      John who was in the Braes afterwards.  John died unmarried in 1872.  He at one time managed farms in Glenlyon for his uncles.  They had Cashlie & Auch.  John then came to Lanrick and afterwards went to the Braes.

3.      Charles

My grandmother (& great gd. Mother) was a sister of Cashlies.  These three Stewarts were full cousins of my husband and through his mother, and were sons of a cousin of my father’s.  Charles Stewart, Tigh’n duin, Killin, was also a cousin of these three brothers.  His (Tigh’n duin) brothers owned Glencripisdale in Argyllshire, and married Miss Menzies of Chesthill.  Their only child married a McGalloway and now lives about Aberfeldy.  Tigh’n duin married his servant maid when an old man, went to England and left two children.  His widow married an English Clergyman.

There were Stewarts in Stronegalvaltrie at Loch Katrineside.  I don’t think they were of the Glenfinlas Stewarts.  John and Donald were there.  They were uncles to Duncan in Stronegalvaltrie, who was to be heir of Monacheil, & who raised the law plea.  Duncan was married to Magdaline Stewart, daughter of Walter Stewart, Edralechcan.

Walter Stewart, Edralechcan married Elizabeth Macdonald, and had James S. in Edra. and Mary S. my mother.

With regard to the Macdonalds. I do not know where they came from.  There was

1.       John Macdonald farmer Blairchrioch who married Margaret Stewart sister of Cashlie in Glenlyon.  He was father of

                                 i.            Angus, banker in Callander

2.      Donald (I think) in Monacheil who had

                                 i.            Angus in the army, who was to heir the property by died

                               ii.            John of Craigruie, died unmarried

                              iii.            Donald died unmarried

                             iv.            Christian buried in Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh

                               v.            Elizabeth married Walter Stewart Edralechcan my grandmother’s father & mother.

                             vi.            Anne who married ___ Stewart farmer Glenogle and had

                                                               i.      Duncan who married Mary Stewart my sister.  They were parents of

1.      John Stewart Macdonald now of Monacheil who is married to a Miss Hodgeson from Fife.

Alexander Stewart in Auchnahard was designed Alastir DonachieDonachie being my grandfather (on father’s side).  The other Alexander in Glenfinlas was Alastir Rob. Robert being my husband’s grandfather (uncle).

Charles Stewart before mentioned (brother of John and James in the Braes of Balquhidder) died in Callander.

Alexander Stewart son of John Stewart Glenfinlas and Mary Buchanan married ____ Wilson.  He went to Glasgow.

There were two Stewart families in Grodich.  The earlier family are those who eventually went to Aberdeen.  The latter went to Strathyre  -- of this family was John who was nearly 100 when he died.  Walter Stewart (Frangich) was in Glenfinlas.  He married an Aberdeenshire woman McNab.  He was of the first Grodichs.

There was a crofter in Strathyre named Stewart. He had three daughters

1.       Margaret who married John (my cousin) son of John Stewart, Grodich

2.      Marjory married Charles who died in Callander, and

3.      Janet married Stewart farmer in Laggan

James Stewart, Duart, who founded the Stewart bursaries, was an Appin Stewart. His father was named Duncan.  James married Christian Stewart, my father’s sister.

There were two tenants in Duart and four in Auchnahard.

John Stewart and Mary Buchanan their son James was grandfather or father to the Balquhidder Stewarts.  James had a son Alistir Mor.  James was in Lanrick.  In Lower Duart, the old man, I don’t know his name, was three times married, and had about twenty of a family. The only ones I recollect of were John and Robert both of whom were batchelors.  Some probably went to America for Charles a nephew of theirs came from American and stayed with them. The rest of the family except John and Robert had left before I knew them.

In Grodich there were two families.  Walter Frangich was probably related to Walter in Edralechan as I understand he was a cousin of my mother’s.  James on of this family was a clockmaker in Glasgow.

In Upper Dowart, was Duncan Stewart & an Aunt.  This Duncan had twelve of a family, two of whom died in infancy.  His family were

1.       John, died at Colintogle unmarried

2.      James went to England and married an English woman

3.      Robert at Invertrossachs who married Mary Stewart my father and mother

4.      Christina married Duncan Stewart Duart. She died 11 JUN 1863 and is buried in Kilmahog

5.      Mary, married John Stewart, Grodich

6.      Peter, Married ___ Stewart, and died in Colintogle.

7.      Katherine died there unmarried

8.      Janet married ___ McLaren from Ardchulary and died in Dullater.

9.      Margaret married ____ Whyte

10.  Elizabeth the youngest died at Glenfinlas unmarried.

Walter Frangich had two sons who went to Aberdeen.  Their names were, I think, Walter and Charles.  Their mother was a MacNab and came from Aberdeenshire.

Of the other Grodich family, the first of the three Johns was possibly the son of John Stewart, Glenfinlas and Mary Buchanan.

I prudence a page torn from an old Bible.  On the back of the page marked “The End of the Old Testament is” :-

“Robert Stewart his Bible who was born 13th Nov 1747

Jannet McKinlay his spouse who was born 3rd May 1758

Mary Stewart their daughter who was born 20 Feby 1779, Catrine Stewart their daughter who was born 19th June 1781

John Stewart their son who was born 7 July 1783

James Stewart their son who was born 25th March 1785

Alex Stewart their son who was born 19th Feby 1784

Mary Stewart their daughter who was born 26th Feby 1789

Margaret Stewart their daughter who was born 7 Decr 1790

Duncan Stewart their son who was born 16th Decr 1792

Jannet Stewart their daughter who was born 10 Feby 1795

Catrine Stewart their daughter who was born 20th Feby 1797

Jean Stewart their daughter who was born 14th May 1799

Alexr Stewart their son who was born 3d Octr 1802.

Sales exhibit a copy of papers found in Uncle Sandy’s desk, signed A.S. McD. Glasgow, 31st Jany 1880.

[Above is the endorsation.] It related to the MacDonalds, and is as follows :-

“John McDonald, born May 1758 married in April 1788 Margaret Stewart his wife born June 1768

Margaret, their daughter born Aug 1790

Janet, their daughter born May 1792

Ann, their daughter born May 1794

Donald, their son, born July 1796

Alexander, their son, born May 1798

Christy (died a child) their daughter, born March 1805

Angus, their son, born April 1802

Christy, their daughter, born March 1805

Archibald, their son, born March 1807

John, their son, born Augt 1809

Charles their son born March 1812

Catherine, their daughter, born April 1804


John and Duncan (?Donald, see before) Stewart in Stroan, had a nephew, Duncan who was there with them.  This Duncan married Magdalene Stewart youngest sister to Mrs. Stewart (Milton’s) mother.  They had Alexander who was drowned in the Leith 3 Nov 1887

Duncan (Alex’s father) had a borther Alexander, a writer in Glasgow.


Charles Stewart who was in Auch about 1835, John Stewart in Cashlie about that time, Charles Stewart’s (Tigh’n duin) father, and their grandmother of Blairchioch and the grandmother of the Braes of Balquhidder, their father was a cousin of the Stewarts of Ensay.

Archibald Stewart of Ensay in 1809 & his brother Donald Stewart of Luskintyre, he married Mess MacRae.  They had

1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   W. Stewart of Kifkmichael who died in 1887 aged 71 who was the representative of Gen. Stuart of Garth.

2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   John of Ensay, born at Luskintyre 1825 in Fludigarry in 1845, buried at Luskintyre. He had two sons

                                 i.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Donald

                               ii.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 William


Mary Stewart was Mrs McDonald of Monacheil. She was a sister of the father of Archibald and John of Ensay, and was the mother of Elizabeth McDonald, who married Walter Stewart Ederalechan, & died 16th May 1848.

The Stewarts (that is, Mrs Stewart, Milton & her husband) were tenants of Glenfinlas until about 16 years ago when the present tenant Mr. Cairns came there.


The preceding pages contain the result of various conversation which I had during September 1907 with Mrs Stewart, Milton Farm, Loch Vennacharside.

John MacGregor, 5 October 1907.