The following picture of John Speed (1552-1629) was taken in March 2003 at St Giles Without Cripplegate Church in London, England. John Speed was an active member and supporter of this very old church in the old section of London. He is also buried in the church. This bust appears to be made from a death mask.

The two pictures below show the outside and inside of the present day (March 2003) Church of St Giles Without Cripplegate.

The copy of the old map of London, England below is from the period of 1593. Queen Elizabeth I had given permission to John Speed to use the Custom House near the Tower of London to work on his many maps of the British Isles. At the top of the map circled in red is where his church, St Giles Without Cripplegate, was located during this period. At the bottom of the map circled in red is the location of the Custom House where he worked. John Speed built his home and lived in Moorfields which is shown on the map just to the East of the Church of St Giles Without Cripplegate.