Dawson, New Mexico and the Miners Who Lived There

For a brief history of Dawson, New Mexico and its amazing story of a mining town that grew up in the mountains of New Mexico from a small local coal mining operation to one of the largest mining operations in the state, click here.

Below, is a story from a former resident who was born in Dawson, NM, several Dawson articles, a photo album of early pictures of Dawson, and excellent web links to Dawson, NM history provided by the University of Florence. You will want to use the "BACK" arrow on your web browser to move back to the previous web page after you have read each article.

1. "Home Again to Dawson" by Fred Becchetti. This is a special supplement to the Raton Range newspaper published on September 2, 1988. A special thanks to Angelo Bergamo of Lakewood, Colorado for providing us with this article. Angelo was another former long time resident of Dawson, New Mexico.

2. The Dawson, New Mexico Association Announcement of the 2006 Dawson Reunion Sunday, September 3, 2006, 9am to 6pm. A Listing of known grave sites at the Dawson Cemetery was compiled in 2002 by Vivien Andrews and is also provided here. A special thanks to Vivien Andrews of Cimarron, New Mexico for providing this announcement and the Dawson Association Newsletter and the Dawson Cemetery listing. She is the contact person to go to with any questions about Dawson.

3. The "Miners' Pick", March 2006 issue of the Dawson, New Mexico Association Newsletter.

4. The 2006 Dawson Reunion attendees were honored by a special event. The Los Angeles, CA Italian Consulate presented the Dawson Association with a proclamation signed by the President of Italy recognizing the wonderful contributions made by the early Italian immigrants who came to this country to work in coal mines like those in Dawson, NM. The local Raton Range newspaper also ran a special article on the Dawson Reunion by Dawson descendant, Fred Becchetti. You can cick on the Dawson 2006 Reunion to see some of the photos of the event and can click on "Our Heroes of Dawson" by Fred Becchetti to read the fine article and dedication poem he wrote for this special occassion.

5. You may also view a Photo Album of early photos of Dawson and some of its residents. Thanks again to Angelo Bergamo for providing many of these old photographs of Dawson.

6. Special thanks to the University of Florence - FACULTY of EDUCATION SCIENCE for their web site at http://dawson.vps.it/index.php which presents a wonderful narrative, photographic, and video presentation about Dawson, New Mexico as a part of their multimedia project of the history of the italian presence in the American West from the Gold Rush (1848) to today.

This compact disk (CD) Dawson Collection has been compiled by the descendants of GIUSEPPE BENIAMINO (BEN) MATTIVI and his wife, Rosa Girotti MATTIVI. Ben immigrated from Baselga di Pine, Trento, Italy and lived in Dawson with his wife, Rosa, where he worked in the coal mines with other Italian immigrants during the early 1900's. For more on the Mattivi and related family histories, click here.

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